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Disposable Plastic Liners For Spa Pedicure
200 pcs/ Box

We carry big order as well, please contact us for a better price in order of 100 boxes and up
we are happy to let you know that our product is made in Vietnam 100% with the best quality, thick, clear and safe plastic material

Our product is not made in CHINA which are blue, thin and not safe plastic material. Please care for your customer as well as your business reputation, dont take risk when go with cheap, unsafe products.

These liners are disposable and should be replace after every use. Their sole purpose is to prevent to the spread of infectious material from one person to another during the soaking process. They are durable and lightweight. Because the liners are disposable, the tub doesn't require scrubbing or cleaning between every use. SAVE TIME AND MORE CONVENIENT
The liners are made out of recyclable plastic. We recommend the used liners should be collected and taken to recycling facility to help keep the environment. 

This is the example so you can know better about it

The Disposable Spa Liners fits all spa whirlpool basins. It is designed to work with Magna Jet Pipeless motors which detaches from the basin wall. Simply, remove magna jet assembly then insert the liner then place the jet assembly back on the designated location on motor. 


Make sanitation and safety your biggest priority with the Econo Disposable Liner, the new and improved pedicure spa liner from Convenient, stylish and disposable, these next generation pedicure spa liners significantly reduce the risk of bacterial infections and cross-contamination, giving every customer the satisfaction of a clean and safe pedicures every visit. Our new liners now come with ridges for added strength and solidity - making the pedicure fast and effortless for the nail technician. 

Disposable Plastic Liners For Spa Pedicure

500 boxes/ 100.000 pieces
Minimum order: 500 boxes

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